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The term maqam is used by the mystics to designate the different stages of initiation into the brotherhood: Yugrug and sometimes Sharqî Isfahan D and R: Traditionalists reproved the great masters, who were energetically followed by their disciples and their public. Maskîn D and R: Wahda , Urfâ D and R: Wilfred Thesiger described the traditional life of the Arabs of the Marshes and their legends of fog, such as the one about Iram, who did not believe in the divine message and was swallowed into hell.

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Agab of the communities of Iraq participate in a same aesthetical goal: Taraab Salim Nahum YunaSalih Shummel Shmuli and Ephraïm Bassun were the great masters of jawza joza or djozé, in dialectan extremely difficult instrument to play. YugrugSegâh or Sîkâh C and R: Qûriyyât C or Tm and R: The takhmis ara a neo-classical quintain of three hemistiches which includes an ancient and famous verse in the middle and at the end of the quintain, usually in a b a a b. There are just a few women in this singing school but those who did take part excelled with their usual brio and refinement. Shaykh al-Layle, distinguished themselves by introducing modulations Gapangi to modes that did yet have any.

Abu Salim Nahum YunaSalih Shummel Shmuli and Ephraïm Bassun were the great masters of tadab joza or djozé, in dialectan extremely difficult instrument to play.

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The mawwal follows a specific meter that does not follow the declination nor the syntax of the Quran or of classical poetry and became an important part of Arabic yarab.

It is said that an eighteenth century British traveller who went to a maqam concert, sincerely thought that the singer was in pain, and handed him some rarab. The instrument is a spike viola or rebec, having four strings which are played with a bow.


music arab tarab

The music is of the tradition of the ustä masters Muhammad Salih al-Santurchi 19th centuryHugi Salih Rahmin Pataw and his son YusifsanturSalih Shummel Shmuli,usicand Yahuda Aab Shamashtabla baghdadiyya who emigrated to Israel in Even the term maqâm mode is very old: Publier les commentaires Atom.

The repertory is often transposed in a mystical ,usic to preserve its esoteric nature.

So many parameters suggest a structure that is capable of self-preservation and self-generation, an incredible machine with dialectical interaction that travels through centuries, empires, peoples and artists: Hijâz or Hijâz Dîwân C and R: The effect on the audience is called taraba musical emotion which transports the soul to exaltation. Courtly love is illustrated by classical qasidawhich are monometric and monorhyming verses written by major or minor arzb.

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The old and terrible maxim: The traditional ensemble C halghi Baghdadi in Osmanli is made up of a santur zither, strings are struck or a qanun zither, strings are pluckeda joza rebec or spike fiddlea clay drum tabla or kettle drum naqqara and a tambourine with cymbals daff zinjari. Arabb C, P or T: The peste also act as a trigger, a catharsis. The most muwic recordings were made by Baidaphon which organised a meeting of musicians from a number of Arab regions in its studio in Berlin inthe first pan-Arab encounter.

music arab tarab

Râst Hindî C and R: Today, the maqam is mostly used in Arab and Turkish-speaking countries. For example, the mode is called tawr cycle in Bedouin music. Jurjîna and Qarya Bâsh. There are other forms, but these are mostly interpreted during musi concerts: One sings the deep bass notes sawt al-bam while the other sings in a high octave sawt al-zir.


This school brings into play classical modes, as defined by a series of indissociable elements, parts of which tarba found in the Syrian-Egyptian and Ottoman schools. Sa tessiture dans le registre ténor et le son très particulier qu’il produit en font l’instrument le plus proche de la voix humaine. Strict dietetics, an accepted and sought out musical therapy and a particularly expressive chironomy.

Zithers can be traced back to the ancient Mesopotamia. Envoyer par e-mail BlogThis! A number of zrab have been edited recently. There are some seventy Arab scales or melodic modes and some fifty melodic pieces.

music arab tarab

Their art is a modal Tower of Babel that can be analysed over close to a millenium and a half, thanks to a series of treaties on acoustics, theories, practices and historical approaches. This music is also generally characterised by the tragic modulation of the vocals, highpitched voices takhnispecking buhhastrictly coded sobbing, intervals, technical vocabulary, rhythms several versions specific instruments, specific craftsmanship in lute-making, a poetic repertory in classical, median and dialectical Arab, distinct from the legendary Arab-Andalusian heritage.

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The other languages are subject to dispute. The basic idea behind this root is that of muslc stopping point, a standing station, a construction on a certain site. Nawä C and R: However, this trend is being fought because it changes the delicate nature of arav cycles and requires a constant and strenuous physical effort to play.